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leftlogo_new.gif (2925 bytes) IPS is a full service mobile health testing lab service specializing in OSHO certified hearing audiogram tests and pulmontary function tests Mobile hearing test labs servicing Michigan, Ohio, Ontario Canada and Illinois factories Use our patented audiogram forms and mobile hearing test labs to meet all OSHA reporting requirements
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 Helpful links related to hearing loss prevention ....

IPS provides the below links to web sites related to hearing loss, prevention and protection techniques. We take your hearing seriously ... we hope you do too!

HelpfulHelpful links to Hearing loss prevention sites

On these following web sites, you will also find very valuable information about hearing and hearing loss: The Audiology Awareness Campaign is a not for profit foundation whose mission is to educate the public about the value of hearing care. The AAC is involved in a multimedia effort to help those with hearing impairment find quality hearing health care.

Hear-it deals with almost any issue concerning hearing impairment such as: good advice and practical information for hearing-impaired people -prevention of hearing loss-information and advice for relatives and colleagues -factual information about hearing issues -statistics about hearing loss -the consequences of hearing impairment for the individual as well as for society.

Better Hearing Institute ...The Better Hearing Institute is a not-for-profit corporation which was created in 1973 to promote hearing healthcare across the United States. The organization is jointly funded by the manufacturers and suppliers who comprise the hearing industry in the U.S.

The National Council on the Aging ...The National Council on the Aging is an American network of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the health and independence of older persons; increasing their continuing contributions to communities, society and future generations; and building caring communities. The National Council on the Aging (

American Academy of Audiology ....The American Academy of Audiology promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness and support of research.

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing ....The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) is the world's oldest and largest membership organization promoting the use of spoken language by children and adults with hearing loss

Hearing Loss Does Not Discriminate ...The inability to hear speech and other sounds can occur in any individual, regardless of race, gender or age. In the United States alone, an estimated 28 million people have some form of hearing impairment

AAC Hearing Help Library -You can always stop here for the most current consumer information about hearing, hearing loss, hearing aids, and other audiology related areas. Get some general information by browsing this list of articles from this site. The Audiology Awareness Campaign is proud to offer the internet's most complete list of brochures in these areas. All of the articles are written in non-technical language and are aimed at providing information in an easy-to-understand manner. AAC Hearing Help Library ( 

American Tinnitus Association is the national champion of tinnitus awareness, prevention, and treatment. Highly Recommended.

A must-read site to find out what your rights are under this act concerning access, hearing dogs, employment rights, etc.

Test your hearing and let others hear the way you do with a simulated hearing loss audio.

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People
This non-profit organization has lots of practical information for people with hearing loss.

When Hearing Grows Difficult -AARP Site

Not hearing as well as you used to? You are not alone. The number of people who probably could hear much better with a hearing aid is increasing. Baby boomers are increasingly becoming aware that they have premature hearing loss. Experts agree that noise-induced hearing loss is to blame for what 40-50 year olds aren't hearing. But, about 60 percent of those who need hearing aids go without them.

Recommended health related links..., who has a great page on how your body begins to heal itself after just 20 minutes of not smoking (, American Lung Association, who offers a lot of help for those trying to quit smoking as well ( They're both great organizations dedicated to helping people. 

Innovators of Preventative Medicine in Industrial Health Care

IPS wants to prevent hearing loss in the workplace by providing professional services, products and resources that educate and motivate industrial employers and employees to support and incorporate hearing conservation practices that prevent a noise-induced hearing loss.

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Industrial Paramedical Services has been providing complete Multi-Phasic Mobile health testing services to over 800 Midwestern facilities since 1975. We specialize in performing We bring hearing test right to your factory door.on site hearing tests for your employees utilizing our copyright protected audiogram test records. Our clients include major manufacturers in the automotive, utilities,  construction, petroleum, aero-space, airport workers and metal fabricating fields.

Our audiometric 8 year test reports create a visual representation of hearing results that transcends language barriers and reinforces a real "fear of hearing loss" that motivates the employee to self-enforce the proper uses in wearing hearing protective devices. Early detection of hearing loss can alert both parties to the need for improving hearing protection, such as combining ear plugs with ear muffs. IPS also can furnish your company with easy to comprehend  literature and videos as part of a complete health and safety education program.

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